Training and Career Development

At PERODUA, we believe in constantly motivating and developing our work force. As we continue to grow, one of the strategies to remain focused on achiving our corporate goals is by having competent and qualified employees.

We have carefully tailored our training programmes to suit the organization and employee needs.

For junior technical entry level technical employees, we provide the Perodua Technical Education System (PTES) that is designed to fulfill our needs in terms of competent employees with basic automotive knowledge.

This program is tied in with the national MLVK (Majlis Latihan Vokasional Kebangsaan – National Vocational Training Council) qualification, whereby PTES is one of the approved training centres.

We also conduct special programmes such as the Perodua Youth Training Programme (PYTP) for school leavers (SPM) who are recruited and trained in-house until they qualify to MLVK Level 1.

The PYTP programme is carried out annually as part of PERODUA’s initiative to support society at large by aiding and enabling young people to gain valuable knowledge and skills that increase their chances of employment.

Perodua Technical Education System (PTES)

Course content

1. Fundamentals of servicing 2. Periodic Maintenance.
General information  
Automotive Knowledge  
i. Engine.
ii. Drive Train.
iii. Chassis.
iv. Electrical.
Course content
Engine Area Drive Train
Drive Train Electrical Area
Course content
Gasoline Engine. Steering System.
Fuel System. Wheel Alignment & Tyres.
Ignition System. Noise, Vibration & Harshness.
Emission Control System. Fundamentals of Electricity.
Electronic Fuel Injection. Starting System.
Diesel Engine. Charging System.
Clutch, Manual Transmission & Transfer. Body Electrical.
Propeller Shaft, Differential, Drive Shaft & Axle. Air Conditioning System.
Automatic Transmission. Brake System.
Suspension System.

Perodua Technical Education System (Advance)

Course content
Engine Area Drive Train
Drive Train Electrical Area

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