Auto Assist by Perodua Total Protect (Auto Assist)


Auto Assist takes over, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Breakdowns are inevitable –whether it’s a punctured tyre, flat battery or over-heating problem, our breakdown team is always ready to rescue!

Auto Assist is a car breakdown and accident services to all Perodua owner that is insured with Perodua insurance panels for a one (1) year*. Now you can travel with peace of mind.

Call Auto Assist Toll Free at 1-800-88-5555 for breakdown and accident assistance.

“One Call Does It All”


Who’s an Auto Assist member?

All new Perodua owners insured (comprehensive insurance) with Perodua insurance partners at authorised Perodua showrooms eligible for a one (1) year FREE Auto Assist membership.

Existing Perodua owners who renew insurance with authorised Perodua showrooms are eligible for a one (1) year FREE Auto Assist membership. The coverage of your Auto Assist membership will take effect from the date of the insurance coverage.

With Auto Assist membership, you can enjoy for other attractive benefits under Perodua Total Protect.

*Terms & conditions apply.